Education for a democratic citizenship

(sempre in tema di istruzione, un progetto europeo per la “cittadinanza democratica” in Turchia)

An EU-funded project to strengthen education on democratic citizenship and human rights in Turkish schools will be launched on 12 April in Ankara. The event will be hosted by the Minister of National Education, Mr Ömer Dinçer, the Director of Education of the Council of Europe, Mr Sjur Bergan, and the Head of the EU Delegation to Turkey, Ambassador Jean-Maurice Ripert.

The purpose of this € 9.1 million EU-funded project is to support the Department of National Education in providing an educational programme dealing with democratic citizenship and human rights accessible to all Turkish pupils, starting from pre-school through to the primary and secondary school levels. The “Education for a democratic citizenship” programme intends to provide extensive instruction, which will include training, awareness-raising, information, practical exercises, and activities. The aim is to empower students to exercise and defend their democratic rights and responsibilities in their society. Furthermore, they should learn to value diversity while playing an active part in the democratic life of their country. This “human rights education” is aimed to equip students to contribute to building and defending a universal culture of human rights in the wider society while promoting and protecting human rights and fundamental freedoms.

The project will be carried out in cooperation with the Council of Europe. The Council will support the day-to-day implementation of the project’s activities in Turkey, as well as provide advice and expertise. Furthermore, it will share best practices from its headquarters in Strasbourg.

The project will entail the following key activities:

– development and revision of regulations and curricula
– production of educational materials
– training to increase the capacity and awareness of pre-school, primary and secondary school communities. These communities will include teachers, pupils, students, non-teaching staff, parents and community leaders.

In addition to these activities, a grant scheme will be launched to closely liaise with parents’ associations, local decision makers, education NGOs, universities, and human rights activists in promoting awareness-raising and training activities. Approximately 50 grants will be awarded.

It is expected that some 4,000 people will actively participate in this project and that all pre-school, primary and secondary school pupils in Turkey will ultimately benefit from it.

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