A Istanbul. Convegno sulle trasformazioni urbane

(purtroppo quel giorno andrò ad altre due conferenze internazionali e mi perderò questa, su di un tema che ritengo di primaria importanza)

Whose Heritage? Preservation and Destruction of the Cultural Heritage of Historic Neighborhoods

Nederlands Instituut in Turkije, 31 maggio 2012, ore 14

Istanbul, like many other urban centers, is an aspiring global city. A plethora of social, cultural and economic changes can be observed in this city—affecting its heritage— and it is perhaps tempting to assume that they only occur here and nowhere else in the world. Nothing is less true.

The same kind of urban changes are found in numerous other cities, but they manifest themselves in ever-changing, historically specific shapes. By presenting cases from Istanbul, Amsterdam, Melbourne and Beijing this seminar aims at exploring the interrelationship of general and specific processes and outcomes.

14:00 Opening and welcome by Fokke Gerritsen, NIT
14:05 Introduction to the theme of the workshop by Jan Rath (University of Amsterdam) and Volkan Aytar (Bahçeşehir University)
14:15 Tophane: Introduction to NIT research project by Karin Schuitema (NIT)
14:20 Istanbul—Local Flavors and the Global City: ‘Get Two for the Price of One’ by Volkan Aytar (Bahçeşehir University)
14:40 From Street Trading to an Icon: the Silk Market in Beijing: A Critical Assessment by Ching Lin Pang (Catholic University of Leuven)
15:00 Ethnic Neighborhoods as Places of Leisure and Consumption: The Case of Chinatown on the Zeedijk (Amsterdam) by Jan Rath (University of Amsterdam)
15:20 Middle Class Remaking of Neighborhoods: Revitalization or Exclusion? by Iris Hagemans (University of Amsterdam)

15:40 Discussion with the public
16:00 Coffee break

16:20 Converting Heritage Sites via Culture: New Venues for Culture in Istanbul by Ayça İnce (Istanbul Bilgi University)
16:40 Islamic modernity replaces Kemalist modernity and Otto/Byzantine history: the case of Sulukule by Semra Somersan (Istanbul Bilgi University)
17:00 Landscapes of Heritage in Change: Conservation and Renewal in Tarlabaşı by Özlem Ünsal (City University of London)
17:20 Discussion

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