Turkey between Nationalism and Globalization

(penso che sarò in forte disaccordo con alcuni degli interventi, quelli di cui la forte connotazione ideologica è evidente già nei titoli: ma proverò comunque a procurarmene una copia…)

Riva Kastoryano (ed.), Turkey between Nationalism and Globalization (Routledge, 2013)

Turkish society has been going through institutional and ideological change that has affected its social, cultural and political practices. This book examines these contemporary tensions, which have led to a re-appraisal of Turkey as a nation and Turkish nationalism as it tries to situate itself as a regional and global power.

Analysing the internal and external dynamics of Turkey and the role played by nationalism, this book considers how the understanding of the nation and nationalism has changed since the creation of the Republic of Turkey, and how it has now become central to its desire to become a global power. Despite on-going negotiations about entry into the EU, an ambition for Turkey to be a regional power feeds nationalist feeling that contradicts institutional, discursive and cultural changes. Presenting interdisciplinary perspectives from experts in history, sociology, political sciences and economics, the contributors offer new perspectives on contemporary Turkey and its future.

Table of contents

Introduction – Riva Kastoryano

Part I: A nation was born
1. The Odd Man Out, or Why there was No Regime Change in the Ottoman Empire at the End of World War I – Erik Jan Zürcher
2. Reflections on Millets and Minorities: Ottoman Legacies – Aron Rodrigue
3. Reflections on the Relationship between Imaginative Literature and Religious and National Identities – Elisabeth Özdalga

Part II: Continuity and changes in Turkish nationalism
4. Kemalist Nationalism’s Murky Waters – Cemil Koçak
5. The Topography of Nationalism in Turkey: Actors, Discourses and the Struggle for Hegemony – Umut Özkırımlı
6. The New Islamist Domination in Turkey: Occidentalism Toppled – Buket Türkmen
7. Notes on the White Turks Debate – Tanıl Bora Part

III: The nation’s fragments
8. Necessity and State Exception: The Turkish State’s Permanent War with its Kurdish Citizens – Ayşe Kadıoğlu
9. Secularism in the Age of Globalization: The AKP and the Revival of the Ottoman Legacy – Haldun Gülalp

Part IV: Power in globalization
10. Civil Society as Soft Power: Islamic NGOs and Turkish Foreign Policy – Zeynep Atalay
11. Becoming a World Economic Power: The Neo-nationalism of the AKP – Ahmet Insel
12. Turkey as Regional Power: Unfounded Ambition or Future Reality? – Seyfettin Gürsel

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