The Young Atatürk

George W. Gawrych, The Young Atatürk. From Ottoman Soldier to Statesman of Turkey (I. B. Tauris, 2013)

The Young Atatürk tracks the lesser covered period of Kemal’s life – from the War of Independence to the founding of the Republic. George W. Gawrych shows that it is only by understanding Kemal’s military career that one can fully comprehend how he evolved as one of the twentieth century’s most extraordinary statesmen. Gawrych also contributes to the understanding of Kemal by presenting a systematic and critical analysis of his military writings, orders, actions, and letters as well as his political decisions, speeches, proclamations, and private correspondences.

Incorporating previously-unstudied Ottoman archival documents, The Young Atatürk is the first book to conduct extensive research on Kemal in the military archives of the Turkish General Staff.

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  2. massimo ha detto:

    ciao Giuseppe…
    é per caso disponibile online ? (anche se mi parrebbe strano)


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